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    • Do you need your test for travel purposes?
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      International Travel Certificate

      19 CHF

    • Please note that in below cases the delivery of your result may take up to 36 hours (48h over weekends) and you will not receive a COVID certificate. If you need a PCR test for travel, please select from the services in group "Self-pay PCR tests"
    • Please make your selection truthfully, proof will be requested at your appointment.

Standard PCR Test

Take your saliva sample at our Test Center and have a PCR analysis performed by our partner laboratory. You will subsequently receive your report and COVID certificate (EN) by email, according to the schedule on our website.
115 CHF
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International Travel Certificate

This certificate is required for most travel destinations and contains all necessary information such as your passport/ID number, medical partner, test method, product description, etc.
19 CHF